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Michel SAS

weekend (en)



The primer weekend as the name suggests is designed for anglers who go fishing for a few days getaway. The economic package of this excellent bait should be enough for at least 2 days of fishing.

weekend 6kg
  • Flatwater
  • Whitewater
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super aroma (en)

super aroma


Aromatic additives very concentrated and very effective. Designed primarily for high performance fishing. Quickly attracted the most distant fish on the fishing spot and keeps close with its abundant food.

super aroma 300g
  • Super Roach
  • Super Bremen
  • Super Tent
  • Super Strawberry
  • Super Vanilla
  • Super Feeder
  • Super Hemp
  • Super ginger
  • Super Candy
  • Super Fishmix
  • Super Orange
  • Super Tenca
  • Super Anis
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Michel sas
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Lieu-dit Laroute
31800 Villeneuve de rivière
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