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Special 3kg (en)

special 3kg

Combination of high quality and outstanding performance at a great price. This set includes imported and exotic ingredients such as flour peanut, rapeseed, and specially selected pasta. These baits are characterized by a powerful and attractive aroma. These baits have been one of our best sellers in 2009 and allowed the capture of many beautiful carp.
special 3kg
  • Gardon
  • Bremen
  • Carpe
  • Tench
  • Universal
  • Feeder
  • Lake
  • River
  • Chub
  • Big fish
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Big carp edition (en)

big carp edition

Specially developed for carp fishing. High protein baits with a big granulation, may as well be used for other large fish. This mixture attracts and keeps close lures big carp specimens. Especially effective with protein balls. Available in seven versions of flavors and colors, the « method mix » version is to be used in different buckets primer.
big carp 3kg
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Scopex
  • Halibut
  • Honey
  • Method Mix
  • Secret
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feeder xtazy (en)

feeder xtazy

Feeder Extasy is a modern primer designed for the use of different types of feeders. The primer is able to attract any carp species. This mixture is a perfect density. The amount of added water provides better adjust its moisture and its adhesion to match the pitch of the selected fighter place. Ingredients: cereals, baked bread and pastries, herbs, minerals, nuts-food flavors and colors.
feeder xtazy 2.5kg
  • Flatwater
  • Whitewater
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