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golden bream (en)

golden bream

Golden Bream is a manual designed to attract large bream. Containing granules and chunks, mix ensures that the group caught fish remains in the starting area. Attracts the gold at a considerable distance and effectively select the big fish. The primer to a pleasant taste and aroma is suitable for the requirements of the species.
golden bream 2.5kg
  • Flatwater
  • Whitewater
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carp mania (en)

carp mania

Carpmania « is mainly dedicated to carp fishing. This product is also ideal for other species such as bream, chub, barbel, tench. Primers for big carp thick granulation and are highly concentrated aromas and fragrant substances. The ingredients have been carefully selected to include exotic grains, cereals, peanuts, sweets and baked bread.
carp mania 2.5kg
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Halibut
  • Scopex
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