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Baits michel SAS

For 50 years, Michel SAS conducts business with passion and method. Is governed by a strict legal framework.

The company

France - Europe

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Live baits Breeding maggots and wholesaler.

baits varieties

At the heart of Europe, at the foot of the Pyrenees in the valleys of Comminges. Since 1963, breeding live bait on four hectares of operation. These years of passionate research provide fishermen finely processed products. Today, Michel baits are distributed throughout Europe thanks to their conservation quality and keeping the bait. The newest Michel baits is the Beluga, a larger worm that Gozzer but especially an extra-long life. Amènerez you for all your fishing trips, trout, carp and white fish. We wanted you to have a pleasant time with Michel.Bonne sport fishing bait


asticots-nav-thumbnail Français – Belugas – Casters Fises – Gozzers – Pinkis
Wide variety of shapes and colors.


vers-nav-thumbnail Mealworms – Earthworms
It belongs to the group of Coelomate .


teignes-nav-thumbnail Tébos – Roller Moths Moths Chips.
Moths (chips, rolls) .Tébo toward wood from Chile.

Live Bait

vifs-nav-thumbnail Gadron – Carpeaux Vairons – Vifs à silure
la meilleure technique pour les très gros poissons.

Leadership Team

Robert Lavigne : CEO Michel SAS. He manages the business for ten years striving to improve the business tools. He ensures that the activity of Michel SAS is always in line with the European regulations and French. Julian Lavigne : Deputy Director Michel SAS. In four years, he developed the distributors Michel bait in France and the network in Europe through more services: shorter delivery times, improved product quality and increased supply of fishing equipment. He works closely with Robert Lavigne on management and management of Michel SAS. Christian Delhommeau : Responsible breeding. He participated in twenty years to improve the expertise of Michel SAS. Maggots have no secrets for him. He leads a team of six people involved in the production and packaging of Michel bait. His work ethic and responsiveness make him a key person.

Michel sas
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31800 Villeneuve de rivière
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E-mail : info@appats-michel.com
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