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Common carp (whose scientific name is Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus) is a teleost species in the family Cyprinidae. The name of Carpe may also designate several mutant forms, hybrid and more or less domesticated breeding designated under the names leather carp, mirror carp or Band-Carp (Koi is one of the species / variety of the fish oldest domesticated). These mutants are ovoid, the hunchback back and flabby belly, and with abnormalities blistering. This species feeds on the bottom or near the capital (benthivore species) and frequent rather muddy habitats in freshwater and eutrophic (and sometimes brackish) in Europe, Asia and the Far East. Since the nineteenth century, it is found in North America, where it was introduced by humans. It may also have recently been introduced elsewhere locally for fishing in freshwater or livestock and can become highly invasive (eg in Australia where it was introduced. This is one of the fish (with bream) which tends to make the water cloudy.


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branch Chordata
Sous-branch Vertebrata
Super-class Osteichthyes
Class Actinopterygii
Family Cyprinidae
Super-family Cyprinoidea
Ordre Cypriniformes
Super-ordre Ostariophysi

Classification of Gadron

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