Maggots Belugas


The beluga exclusivity Michel bait: The beluga is a maggot that looks like its little brother the gozzer but does not have the same constraints. It will be bigger (up to 2 cm) and persists much longer even in hot temperature conditions (20 ° C). Your parts of fisheries will be more long. We produce this bait in red, yellow, orange, blue or green.


Ranges available
White – Mix – Red
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  • The beluga is used for fishing knock or eschage. The variety of colors will delight the fish with the possibility of combining the bait.
  • The beluga will not turn into Caster, as long as it kept at 2 ° C. If it remains at a higher temperature, it turns very slowly (up to one week).
  • Different packaging for the beluga:
    • Box: the small, medium, ¼ liter, ½ liter and liter
    • Bulk (per liter)

Ablette  –
Anguille  +
Barbeau ++
Brème  ++
Carpe  ++
Chevesne ++
Gardon ++
Goujon ++
Ombre  ++
Perche ++
Chat +
Rotengle ++
Tanche ++
Truite ++

Table of correspondence of the French maggot and fishes

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