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The producer of live bait leader in Europe. Wholesaler, distributor and specialized in breeding. For 50 years, Michel SAS conducts business with passion and method. Our business is governed by a strict legal framework at both the vermille than rendering. Our company has always sought to anticipate and adapt to the new regulations. With its unique expertise, live bait Michel are distributed in many countries of the European Union: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. During these years, Michel SAS has forged partnerships with its distributors and its fishing baits are found packaged under various brands. The united team of Michel SAS will always do its best to bring you the best products and the best services.

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Bait fishing Michel presents the management team. Robert Lavigne: CEO Michel SAS He manages the business for ten years striving to improve the business tools. He ensures that the activity of Michel SAS is always in line with the European regulations and French. Julian Lavigne: Deputy Director Michel SAS. In four years, he developed the bait Michel distributors network in France and Europe through more services: shorter delivery times, improved product quality and increased opportunities for fishing equipment. He works closely with Robert Lavigne on management and management of Michel SAS. Christian Delhommeau: Livestock Officer. He participated in twenty years to improve the expertise of Michel SAS. Maggots have no secrets for him. He leads a team of six people involved in the production and packaging of Michel bait. His work ethic and responsiveness make him a key person.

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After collection of the raw material from rendering, Michel SAS transforms it for the production of maggots and moths. Every day, the twelve trucks travel the countryside of the site to pick up the bodies of animals. Rendering is the complementary activity verminière party. The timely management of dead animals in the departments around the site (Ariege, Haute Garonne, Pyrenees Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrénées) prevents any potential risk to the environment (water contamination) and human or animal health . A team of two people does the sorting upon arrival on site. These raw materials are crushed and stored. They are then spread on many breeding ponds site for the production of maggots Michael. Once the maggots have reached maturity, pick the team cleans and conditions tray with sawdust (conservation). Maggots are then stored in a cold room. Moths are high from cereals and high-temperature wax. After a long time, they leave their food before being packaged in boxes with cardboard. Order preparation requires significant expertise because it is necessary to prepare the live bait before packaging them. For the range of maggots, beluga whales, and pinkies gozzer you will find the packages in small box medium box (1/8 L), ¼ liter, canned ½ liter 1L box or bulk bag. The administrative team consists of six people including two officers, a livestock manager, an accountant and three secretaries (rendering the vermille and fishing equipment section). The whole team is ready to answer your questions.

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