Bibi (en)




Big worm, pink gray long cylindrical body 5 to 15cm thick skin. Available in small, medium and large.

  • This worm uses in every corner conducive to large sparidae summer and winter in large bars surfcasting or channels.

  • 15-20 ° C for quick use, you can leave them in a kelp bed. To keep several days, it is necessary to use the aerator and the aquarium.

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Mouron Asia (en)

Mouron Asia



Ringed longer and symmetrical body, lined with short hair fringe. His head has two hooks. It is dark red in color and measures on average 15 cm. This is a very firm about it reminds tube worms.

  • These are very good verse for nearly all fish and are very effective also for rock fish. They give as good results to the dimension that estuary.

  • These worms do not keep more than a week. Is to choose between the aquarium and newsprint. In both cases, it is necessary to keep spawning.

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Sabloons (en)




Is a long worm that measures between 10 to 30 cm cylindrical and pinkish red color. This is a very good bait for sea bream track.

  • New special fishing worm. Bait killer recommended for contests, very good resistance to the hook and allows very large catches. Easy to escher (even without a needle). Board, boat and especially in surf-casting

  • 3 to 10 days at 15-18 ° C.

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