Live bait Gadron


Gadron (Rutilus rutilus) is a species of freshwater fish very common, often small, but up to 45-50 cm -1. He lived in Europe and western Asia. Its Latin species name (Rutilus; bright red) probably refers to the color of its fins or red with metallic reflections of his eye (which is however first yellow in juveniles). In most of its wide range, it is the largest among the fish species present, but in terms of biomass, it may be exceeded by bream and carp in the turbid waters sparse vegetation. This fish gregarious makes only short trips in its territory and is therefore not considered migratory. In the cold season, it migrates to deeper waters where it lives in benches that can be dense to reach hundreds of people (including small inland ports).


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branch Chordata
Sous-Branch Vertebrata
Super-class Osteichthyes
class Actinopterygii
Family Cyprinidae
Super-Family Cyprinoidea
Ordre Cypriniformes
Super-ordre Ostariophysi

Classification of live bait Gadron

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