Alive baits

Michel SAS

Alive baits

Michel baits present their range of products. You will find them in-house manufactured products:
  • Belugas gozzers, maggots, pinkies.
  • Roller Moths.
These products are the result of years of research and expertise Michel. In addition they are also imported from the best European producers:
  • Worms: dendrons, Canadian, soil, …
  • Moths chips.
The company Michel team wishes you excellent fishing trips with Michel bait.


asticots-nav-thumbnail Français – Belugas – Casters Fises – Gozzers – Pinkis
Wide variety of shapes and colors.


vers-nav-thumbnail Mealworms – Earthworms
It belongs to the group of Coelomate .


teignes-nav-thumbnail Tébos – Roller Moths Moths Chips.
Moths (chips, rolls) .Tébo toward wood from Chile.

Live Bait

vifs-nav-thumbnail Gadron – Carpeaux Vairons – Vifs à silure
la meilleure technique pour les très gros poissons.

Marine Worms

teignes-nav-thumbnail Dure – Jumbo – Amndes …
Many marine fish like sea worms.
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