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Maggots Français


The maggot Phormia Terrae Novae is a dipteran larvae (type black blowfly métallihue). Worm and without differentiated head, the maggot is the best known of baits. You will recognize his brilliant color.


Ranges available.
White – Mix – Red

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  • The maggot is used both for eschage for booting. The eschage is sticking maggots with glue or a special product. Priming in combination with primer will give you an effective asset to bring the fish on your shot. You will find them mainly in red and also white (natural).
  • Its conservation is very easy. In your refrigerator between 2 and 4 ° C in its original packaging. So you will keep the maggots Michel for several weeks.
  • Different conditioning for the maggot:
    • Box: the small, medium, ¼ liter, ½ liter and liter.
    • Bulk (per liter).

    We also offer bulk sawdust for good consevation maggots Michel.

Ablette ++
Anguille -
Barbeau  ++
Brème  ++
Carpe  ++
Chevesne  ++
Gardon  ++
Goujon  ++
Ombre  +
Perche  ++
Chat ++
Rotengle ++
Tanche  ++
Truite  -
Vairon -

Table of correspondence of the French maggot and fishes for effective fishing.

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